The Retina Foundation of Canada has completed another successful year – helping to increase awareness of retinal diseases, and to assist in the financing of the education of current and future retinal surgeons.


We are proud to be a trans-Canada foundation – our medical advisory committee is drawn from all parts of Canada, and our research grants and fellowships are awarded across Canada.


In addition to the extensive information on various retinal diseases on our web site, and what you can do about them, we held an Information Day at McGill University last June, providing information and the possibility for you to ask your questions personally.  We hope to continue doing this in the coming years; and after we have settled on a successful format, establish such days across Canada.  Early recognition and response is always very important – please take advantage of these opportunities so you can take corrective action as soon as possible.


Our second major goal is helping in the education of current and future retinal surgeons across Canada.

This year, we again provided research grants to two doctors – Dr. Mammo and Dr. Hassanaly – for $5,000 each.  We also awarded two research grants, of $20,000 each, to Dr. Spurr and Dr. Rezende.

Finally, we have created a one year fellowship of up to $75,000 for Dr. Errol Chan of Singapore, who has come to Canada to further his education.

We hope to provide similar grants and a fellowship in 2016, and, again, please note, the research grants are open to doctors and students across Canada.


This has been a productive year for us – and it has all been done on a volunteer basis – there are essentially no costs in either our fund raising or allocation of grants.


We expect to continue these programmes again next year, with emphasis on education and increasing patient awareness. How can you help?

If you think what we are doing is beneficial, and gives hope to those suffering from retinal disease, you can support us with your financial donations – which can very easily be made through this web site – or with your time and/or talents.  Contact us, and we will see how you can contribute to this important work – by helping to set up a chapter or awareness group in your city, for example.

Together, we can build an organization which serves the needs of retinal patients and doctors alike!

Chairman Donald Walcot