Chairman Donald Walcot

2012 has been a critical, exciting and fulfilling year for the Foundation!

It was our first full year of operations – earlier years were spent in building the very important legal and financial support systems. The foundation was now secure and it was time to start work on the infrastructure.

Essentially we have two main goals – educating the public by increasing awareness of retinal diseases; and supporting the education of current and future retinal medical personnel.

In terms of AWARENESS, we created an interactive and informative web site – containing information on retinal diseases and what to do about them.  We also created a short video, lightly humorous, to start the “talk” about us – Bowser and Blue of Montreal wrote and performed in it – it is now on our web site.

Finally to broaden our scope we held a fundraising campaign/ photography contest in October, PHOTOBR, which included new technologies to attract a younger demographic.

Dr. John Chen

These thrusts will continue to be three strong pillars on which we will build our future programmes.

In terms of EDUCATION of medical personnel, we decided that awarding grants to younger people to study various aspects of the disease was a value-added first step.  We established parameters for such a programme, publicized it on our web site and through industry events and contacts, created a medical advisory group to review the applications, and we awarded two grants of $5,000 each, again building a strong pillar for the future.

We believe the medical advisory committee, which is being expanded across Canada, will prove increasingly important in years to come.

It was a very full and productive year, done mainly through the hard work and dedication of volunteers, who did virtually all of the work, in a most professional manner. Our administrative costs were less than 2% of the total funds raised,

So, a great big thank you to our volunteers/board members.

We expect next year to be even busier, with increasing emphasis on the growing educational needs in this area of medical practice.

If you think what we are accomplishing is beneficial and gives hope to retina patients, please support us with your donations, which can be made on this web site – or with your time and talents.  Contact us and we can see how you can best help us.

Together “we can make a difference”!